Home Decor And Gifting Ideas Carved By Hand In Stone

Om symbol carved in stone
Om symbol carved in Lincoln limestone

Beautifully individual hand carved stone ornaments, perfect for room decor and gifting ideas. Each is truly unique and a one off, with many of the items being carved from offcuts of stone sourced from the now defunct Lincoln Cathedral quarry.

Each piece of stone differs in both shape and size, and the Lincoln limestone also contains fragments of marine fossils to add to it’s individuality and interest.

Carved stone with the word love
Love, carved in Lincoln Cathedral limestone

Stone is an excellent addition to your room accents and a wonderfully tactile material that is both durable and undemanding. Wherever you decide to put it, whether your living room, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, stone is a wonderful complement to your living space.

These stone items also make ideal gifts for special occasions, and are perfectly suited for weddings, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays. Finished with enamel paints, they are maintenance and fuss free.

Browse through the items below and you’ll be sure to find that special one off gift or piece of ornamentation to complement your room decor scheme.

Showing 1–16 of 27 results

Showing 1–16 of 27 results