Handcrafted LGBTQ+ Jewellery, Badges And Crochet

Beautifully handcrafted pride jewellery, badges, and crochet in a range of LGBTQ+ community flag colours

LGBTQ+ Jewellery

LGBTQ pride flag button necklace
LGBTQ+ pride flag button necklace

Handmade LGBTQ+ jewellery in a variety of community flag colours, featuring stud earrings, braided bracelets, necklaces, and elasticated bead bracelets.

There’s a variety of designs including button and heart shaped earrings, and button pendant and heart shaped pendant necklaces.

Dotted around the site you’ll also find some kawaii jewellery such as lesbian and LGBTQ pride flag rabbit necklaces, LGBTQ octopus earrings, and nonbinary pride flag octopus necklaces 😊


The pride flag jewellery that I’ve currently available are in the following community colours:

As a member of the LGBTQ community I try to be as inclusive as possible, so if you can’t find your flag colours then please do send me a message.


LGBTQ pride flag bead bracelet and heart shaped earrings
LGBTQ+ pride flag elasticated bead bracelet

The waxed cotton necklaces are 44cm long, and with the extension chain the length is 48.5cm. The braided bracelets and elasticated bead bracelets are in a variety of different lengths between 18cm and 24cm.

There’s also some much longer braided bracelets that I’ve made that will wrap around your wrist multiple times and look super cool 😎


Nobody likes itchy and scratchy stuff so I’ve designed everything to be as kind to your body as possible. The earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel posts, the necklaces are made from waxed cotton, the braided bracelets are made from embroidery floss, and the elasticated bead bracelets from glass beads.

The fronts of the earrings and the necklace pendants are all made from polymer clay, a beautiful material to work with that’s both non toxic and kind to your skin.

Pride Badges

Nonbinary pronouns badge and LGBTQ pride flag badges
Nonbinary pronouns & 6 stripe LGBTQ pride flag badges

Happy little 25mm d-pin badges in the colours of many of the LGBTQ+ communities. As well as plain buttons in the colours of community flags, you’ll find hearts, rainbows, gender symbols, and also pronoun badges. There’s also progress pride flag and straight ally pride flag badges.

Currently I’ve badges in the following flag colours:

As with the jewellery, I try to be as inclusive as possible. If you can’t find your flag colours in the badges them please do send me a message.

The badges are priced at £3 per pair including free delivery to most UK postcodes, and there’s a 15% discount when you purchase two or more pairs. Further information can be found on the badges page.

LGBTQ+ Crochet

Lesbian pride flag crochet bee
Lesbian pride flag crochet bee

Last but certainly not least, LGBTQ+ crochet creations in a variety of community pride flag colours 😍

Made by my wonderfully talented daughter and member of the community, Chlöe-Louise, these little creatures just ooze with cuteness.

Perfectly unique gifting ideas for friends and family, or cute little companions to keep for yourself. Each is made with premium Ricorumi yarn and filled with non toxic toy stuffing.

They feature safety eyes, but please don’t give them to children as they are not toys.

Currently Chlöe has crocheted creations in the LGBTQ+, lesbian, nonbinary, and pansexual pride flag colours. More pride flag crochet will appear as and when she makes more.


Latest Additions

Listed below are the latest additions to the range of pride jewellery, badges, and LGBTQ+ crochet. The products are in no particular order regarding flag colours. Instead, they are just listed in order of them being added to the site. To find jewellery and badges grouped together according to pride flag colours please see the links above.

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Showing 1–16 of 240 results